Services we Provide

We do a wide range of services covering most aspects in farming technology.

  • Agents for well-established agricultural suppliers for feeds, veterinary products, plastic products, and chemicals.
  • Farmers Forum
  • Health, Safety and Environment assistance

What is important to us:

  • Relationships

It is important for us at AgriTech to understand the needs of our stakeholders, i.e. clients, colleagues and suppliers. We endeavour to create value for all by establishing close relationships based on mutual trust, loyalty and respect.

  • Services

AgriTech strives to provide you with the best agricultural service in the Eastern Cape. We back up our products with high caliber customer service and knowledgeable staff. We have an extensive network that we draw upon to assist you and solve problems that you might have.  

  • Competitive pricing

We at AgriTech, know that value for money is the key ingredient in the supply chain. We have established agencies in the Eastern Cape and South West District for well-established national business, to bring the best pricing to your. We can provide you with reliable yet affordable products that offer excellent value for money.

  • Innovation

AgriTech is in tune with the requirements of the farmer. We strive to identify shortcomings in the market and take the necessary steps to address them.